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ZONE Washrooms: Quadra

Stylish and modular cubicle system

The Quadra range is a stylish cubicle system, with flat-faced aluminium

Inspire your washroom project with our range of washroom systems. For schools, leisure centres and arenas, spanning to restaurants, retail spaces and offices, we have something to complement your design. Our innovative designs, including floating pedestals, are contemporary and modern – with versatility a key design parameter.

Our modular systems are at home with standard board sizes and fixings, and we offer pre-drilled options. From designed and fabrication, through to installation, ZONE Washrooms aim to push the standards in the washroom marketplace. Take a fresh look…

Washroom impact

It’s often referred to as the smallest room, yet the impression of a washroom can be powerful. Implement it well, and a washroom becomes your concierge – it can welcome your guest and convey your organization’s values. First impressions count, and your washroom can enhance that impression. Your choice of washroom interior and components is an ideal opportunity.

Every project has a budget, so why not maximize it by leveraging ZONE Washroom’s expertise in washroom design and fabrication? 

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